Scaredy Scary Teacher Chapter 2
Teacher Party

The sequel to the most addictive and entertaining teacher prank game ever!

Take revenge from the teachers NOW IN A HOTEL as you prank them in new and better levels, leading to much more FUN.


The story is about a boy and a girl, their high school Principal and teachers in scary scaredy teacher chapter 2. New Scary Teacher have been teasing kids in school but now they have come to a hotel for some entertainment with teacher and principal, so now it’s time for you naughty kids to prank the teachers and principal in this spooky games fun. So find the best revenge of school education and learning? It’s time to prank the Principal and teachers by performing numerous pranks and teasing them so their fun is ruined like not in any other scary teacher game. You must finish these tasks without getting caught and within assigned time limit in scaredy scary teacher chapter 2.

Teachers comes to The hotel for some entertainment and party, Hotel consists of different areas and each area has some items you can use to prank the teachers in scary teacher game. In spooky gmaes You will use fire crackers, air horns, pliers, glue, salt, electricity and paint balloons to prank these teachers and principal and make their life a living hell like they have made yours in school education and learning! But you better not get caught by these teachers in spooky games because if you get caught then they are surely going to punish you as this is not the time of education and learning, but this is punishment time...!

Awesome features

  • Exciting style and interactive hotel.
  • Multiple levels to prank the evil teachers in creepy games.
  • Highly detailed school boy and school girl characters to prank the evil teachers.
  • Smooth controls with outstanding Graphics.

Constantly updated

  • Since launch, Scaredy Scary Teacher Chapter 2: Teacher Party has been downloaded over 8000 times on the Google Play store alone.
  • With constant new updates and tones of new levels being added all the time, there is always something new and exciting to see and do in SST2.

Game info

GenreScary Teacher Chapter 2: Teacher Party: Simulation
DeveloperIngenious Gamers