Billionaire Family Game Lifestyle Simulator 2020

Welcome to Billionaire Family Game lifestyle Simulator 2020 and get ready for billionaire game to experience the life of billionaire family simulator lifestyle with richest man 2020!

You’ve spend enough time in struggle and hard work which has finally paid off to give the life style of billionaire family.


New Billionaire Game will let you explore the life style of a billionaire family with his dream family. Enjoy a fun life with family car games. Explore the world with your real family in this family simulator games, ride on a new helicopter and buy precious gifts for your larger family games. Buy a new royal mansion to increase your richer life, invite your larger family and entertain them with your richer life. Rich man 2020 always tries to buy the most beautiful & precious gifts for his real family to make them happy. Virtual game is the latest family simulator game for kids to enjoy the luxurious life style of a billionaire family. Spend the fun life of a billionaire family in this new virtual games 2020 with your real family. In this rich game you will become richest man and you have to perform all rich man daily routine task. You have to go to the rich man office in family car to attend a family work meeting. You will gift your large family a pet in this rich games.

You will ride a chopper in billionaire games and go to the office to meet your girlfriend. You didn’t pick up the call of your wife in family car games because you were hanging out with your girlfriend. Now you have to make up with your wife by sending her a truck of rose flowers in this billionaire family lifestyle games.Virtual games for life want to expand the family work in the area for real life games. Here comes the family simulator game 2020. A life like a human simulator your father is the richest man of the world game 2020. Work hard on the human simulator and enjoy the work of rich man 2020. With Worlds Richest man and billionaire family buy a property. In rich game, buy new homes in this virtual games for richest man of the world game 2020. A human simulator, a fun life, a lifestyle, In real life games you will prefer to spend life as a family simulator for richer life. Come to these billionaire games for rich life style and riches to spend your life style as a family reach man. Here you can build a grand mansion of people family and enjoy the human simulator of virtual games 2020.!

Awesome features

  • HD graphics and smooth controls of new billionaire game!
  • Multi-million large family simulator control.
  • 3D animations with amazing interactivity of family.

Constantly updated

  • Since Billionaire Family Game Lifestyle Simulator 2020 has been downloaded over 10,000 times on the Google Play store alone.
  • With constant new updates and tones of new levels being added all the time, there is always something new and exciting to see and do in BFGLS.

Game info

GenreBillionaire Family Game Lifestyle Simulator 2020: Simulation
DeveloperIngenious Gamers