One of the most addictive and entertaining physics based driving games ever made! And it’s free!


Legends of Apex war city Game will give you a lot of opportunities to start your own brawls & kill the brawlers who challenge you during protect the earth. Kill the raven of field warriors with your guns of doom like Assault Rifle, Shotgun, RPG bazooka, Rocket Launcher & many more during extreme critical strike missions in unique robot fight game. In this grand royale ultimate battlegrounds start a crazy war robot fight 2019 & no one will dare to stop you to hit muscle robot war.
As soon as the battle cry starts go into the cover & find the robotic battle machines as soon as possible before anyone finds and kills you in this free world of robotic battle.

You will have a feel of a vast survival 3rd person shooting game as the enemy AI is so immaculate to shooting people.Raven of Filed swat team is a massive open world action battle arena where you have to do anything possible to protect the earth from armed robot fighting and impossible robot battle to stay alive and survive from bullet of force. Our battle critical strike arena game mode will put you in armed of heist with force of bullet on a remote 3D island full of new robot fight tactics for a winner-takes-all showdown where strategic gameplay is as important as shooting skills like robots of World War 2!

Awesome features

  • Ultimate war with Alien war robots & machines.
  • Sci-fi guns and island for the best robot entertainment.
  • Outstanding Environment and High quality graphics.

Game info

GenreLegends of Apex war city: Simulation
DeveloperIngenious Gamers